Acrobatic Air Trick

Thickness: 20cm and 30cm
Size: 4x4m; 4x6m; 4x8m; 6x6m; 8x6m and other custom sizes (the minimum size is 4x4m)
Purpose: freerunning, tricking
Includes: transport bag M, L or XL (according to the size)
Inflation time: from 1min. 25sec. to 4min. 50sec.
Recommended blower: Hikoki

Air Trick pad is the ideal mat for anyone trying to learn new tricks or perfect his technique.

You can set the pressure to anything between rock-hard and bouncy-soft. Easy to roll up and can be transported in a regular car.


  • Very light and easy to move around the gym
  • the AirTrick can be placed on the gym floor
  • the required blower is very light
  • pressure is easily customized within seconds
  • inflating and deflating is done in a single minute
  • no noise during trainings
  • after inflation, the AirTrick will maintain its pressure for hours, refill only takes seconds
  • easily portable from gym to gym. The AirTrick is so light and small it will easily fit on the back seat of your car.
  • the takeoff is soft, which helps prevent injuries.
  • the AirTrick is used best for takeoff purposes, not for landings, unless 2 or more jumps are connected.
  • the AirTrack will allow you to jump higher, giving you more precious airtime to work on your technique.
  • jumps can be repeated more often with less chance of overuse injuries than on traditional training equipment.

Enjoy the bounce a normal trampoline offers while having the space to combine multiple moves like you’re on a regular gym floor.

NOTE: The hook-and-loop tape on a shorter side of a floor is fixed on a special request!

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