Air Training Set Home edition

Designed for trainings at home

The set includes:
– 1x AirBoard, size: 60x100x10cm
– 1x AirBlock, size: 60x100x20cm
– 1x AirFloor, size: 300x100x10cm

Inflation time: 2min. 50sec.
Recommended transport bag: S size
Recommended blower: foot pump

Recommended for: gymnastics, recreational gym, pre-school gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, elderly gym, fitness

An ideal set of inflatable training mats for kids at home or in the garden.
Easy to take along – easy to set up! The Air Training Set is specially designed for those that need easy and light-weight equipment. Set-up and packing are both just a matter of minutes.
You can set the pressure to anything between rock-hard and bouncy-soft.

  • available in blue and pink
  • very light and easy to move around the home or garden
  • the Air products can be placed at home, in the garden or everywhere you want
  • the required blower is very light
  • pressure is easily customized within seconds
  • inflating and deflating is done in a single minute
  • no noise during trainings
  • after inflation, the AirTraining Set will maintain its pressure for hours, refill only takes seconds
  • easily portable from gym to gym. The AirTraining Set is so light and small it will easily fit on the back seat of your car.
  • the takeoff is soft, which helps prevent injuries.
  • the AirTraining will allow you to jump higher, giving you more precious airtime to work on your technique.
  • jumps can be repeated more often with less chance of overuse injuries than on traditional training equipment.

Every part of the set can be used as building blocks, allowing you to create any shape you wish.
NOTE: You can buy them separately.

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