AirBag S

Safety is the key

With the classic foam pits being a big point of discussion at most clubs, the AirBag offers an easy-to clean alternative. Top sheets can be easily wiped off, sprayed with desinfectants, machine washed or even replaced.
The pressure distribution in an AirBag is the same all over the landing surface. A safety zone is marked on the top sheet to ensure safe and predictable landings.

Up until today, AirTrack Factory has been great getting athletes up in the air. From now on, we’re also ready to get them back down safely.
After acquiring the expertise in the trampoline parks, we’re bringing our learnings to the sports market. The brand new AirBag S is the newest addition to our portfolio. It is a 70cm high crash mat for any sport that involves jumping. By adjusting the pressure you can easily transform the AirBag from a crash mat to a landing area suitable for upright landings.
The AirBag is hygenic, and thus future proof. It is relatively small in storage, adjustable in pressure and easily connected with the AirTrack P2 or the AirTrack P3. Each AirBag comes with an AirTrack Factory topsheet which features safety linage.

All apparatus applicable
The AirBag can be used as a crash landing at the end of a tumbling track, but can also be used as a landing after the beam, under the high bar or after the vault. Work on new skills with back landings and work up to upright landings.
Not only gymnasts can benefit from this transportable AirBag. Cheerleaders, freerunners and high jumpers will love the soft touch of the AirBag!

Pressure customization
Like all AirTrack Factory equipment, managing the internal pressure exactly to your likings is simple. The pressure regulation system has four settings to set the pressure from crash landings all the way up to upright landings.

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