AirBoard Boost

Alternative springboard

The springboard alternative has a double air compartment
that enables younger, lighter athletes to bounce more
efficient! Heavier gymnasts can fully benefit the AirBoard
Boost by easily adjusting the pressure to their own liking.
With a brand new all surface solution, this new product can
be attached on both carpet bonded foam with velcro or a
regular gym floor with suction cups.

• The two compartments can be individually adjusted in
pressure, so all ages can use it!
• AirTrack Factory specially developed an interchangeable
All Surface Solution for sturdy use on all flooring!
• This new device, unlike traditional materials can be
carried and set-up by all ages
• The AirBoard Boost does not damage the floor
• Useful for most gymnastics aparatus
• It is small in storage and lightweight (5.7kg)

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