Gymnastic pit


Gymnastic pit, as a rule, is the first level of the fall (landing) learning for the competitor during training on the gymnastic track, vaulting table, horizontal bar and so on before starting landing on the dedicated mats, in other words before “hard” landing, that begins on the further levels of gymnast’s progress but is necessary on “senior” level itself.


Gymnastic pits ensure effective absorption during landing, and what goes ahead – effective training!


Filling of the gymnastic pit consists of the freely lying mix of irregular foam elements with different density (hard-soft ones) in order to protect the trainee from hitting the ground and absorb the strength of landing. Protection mats on the borders overlap the inside sides of the gymnastic pit as well as the external part of the upper edge of the pit. Protection mat 5cm thick overlaps 50 or 100cm of inside wall of the gymnastic pit. Its assembly is with the help of hook and loop system or gluing the protection mat constantly to the wall of the gymnastic pit edge. External part of gymnastic pit is covered by the protection mat 20 cm thick which is attached to the pit walls by hook and loop tape and overlaps 30cm of the external edge of the pit. Protection mats are made of PE and PU foam with density of 25kg/m3 (+/- 3kg) and cover is made of PVC material without phthalates. Their dimensions are fitted to the shape of the pit – according to your needs. It’s additional protection, thanks to which you will be able to concentrate on the training and correct technics in 100% without fears about your safety!

We offer two technologies for filling the gymnasium pit:


No more than 100cm from the bottom of the pit there is amortizing net in order to slow down the trainee’s fall (jump) into the pit – net is screwed directly to the gymnastic pit wall or to the collateral steel construction screwed to the pit walls with the help of galvanized metal slat. Moreover, under net (depending on the size of the pit) there is used additional reinforcement by steel ropes, and on the net as well as under cut foam elements there is placed PU foam layer, so called cover. Such pit can be used for jumping from greater height but thanks to used system of lines and amortizing net the standing out energy of the trainee is greater.


Under cut foam elements there will be made chamber layer made from PU foam 30-50cm thick with density 25kg/m3. It absorbs trainee’s falling energy much stronger thanks to great amount of the foams it consists of.

We also offer modernization of the gymnatic pits having been used by the customers for many many years.